Interview with DJ Clifford Irving

At Iron Bloom we aim to offer our guests a dining experience that transcend the simple pleasure of tasting great food. We like to garnish our refined dishes with some extra We want your taste buds to dance in your mouth. That's why we coined "Supper House".


We caught up with our resident Dj Clifford Irving, DJ, Remixer, Producer and Co-Founder of 38 East Studios. Clifford is the man on the decks at Iron Bloom, in charge of serving beats that matches our menu.


Iron Bloom: Hi Clifford, thank you for catching up with us.

Clifford Irving: You’re very welcome, thanks for having me!!


IB: Can you introduce yourself and your journey into becoming a DJ?

CI: Sure, I have been into music for as long as I can remember, and DJing since I was around 12 years old.  Back then I was very much into UK garage, that was the sound of London, where I’m from. Over the years I built a name for myself and played on various pirate stations around the capital as well as being a part of 1xtra and more significantly, John Peel’s radio 1 show!

Fast forwards a few years and I’m now leaning more towards live production Techno shows, releasing music on labels around the world, and running a recording studio but I still love to get the Vinyl out and DJ, so being a part of Iron Bloom is really a great opportunity for me to play music in a great environment.

IB: What do you do at Iron Bloom?

CI: Since it’s opening I’ve been employed to hold a weekend residency. I’ve been spending time experimenting with music and curating a sound which has been coined ‘supper house’.  Think Soul, jazz, piano, vocals, 4x4 kicks and smooth basslines.  Think music that pairs with your plates, yes, it is possible! Full on sensory experience.

IB: What is it exciting about the London scene compared to other parts of the world?

CI: I’m born and raised in London. I love it. I’m proud of being a Londoner and I think that it is rich with opportunity for people who want it.  What is exciting is the forever changing landscape. It is fast paced, literally sometimes! And at every corner there is something going on! Never a dull moment here, I promise!

IB: Old School versus New School, vinyl vs USB?

CI: Old School & Vinyl for me thanks!!!

IB: What’s an iconic track you’d love to remix/work on?

CI: That’s tough, I think a Whitney track maybe, there are loads of 80’s soul and rare groove and old school garage tracks I'd love to work on too but... maybe they are just too iconic to, though….

IB: Pick a song, an artist and a tech-tool that mostly influence your career

CI: Song: I could not possibly pick just one.  One from each genre possibly but even then, it would be a struggle! 

Artist: CasIsDead, Dvorak, Kanye West, Nas, Jay-Z, Maceo Plex, Stephan Bodzin, Sia, DJ EZ, Melody Gardot, James Blake, Amy Winehouse…… to name a few, in no specific order. Over the years each of these guys have been inspirational in some way or another. Like picking a song, it is not easy to answer, but at least I’ve given you some names!

Tool: Simple, Ableton.. Other than technics, it has been the longest standing musical medium I’ve used.  Ableton really gave an injection into my musical journey allowing the live sets, improving production, combining with DJing and using synths and drum machines!  Ableton X will likely be my next purchase!

IB: If your sound was a flavour, what would that be?
CI: 100% Dark Chocolate.  Raw and organic, it’s not for everyone but it’s the real deal. How cheesy is that? Hahahaha!


William Knowles Mofford